Sonntag, 14. März 2010


its called the formant..

energy is what we talk about all the time, or we try to catch from somewhere, someone.. the fine stripe between the action and whose presentation in front of us is, that these colours and the light should be caught by us.. an oversight on our part may destroy the collected canister full of sounds.. bandpass in electronic cases, especially for several voices, there is a dependence with a high degree.. the way is built by the lines along their way filled by searchings for an independence.. lets call the binary search, it sounds ok.. irrespective of its real meaning..

classifications.. base points, benchmarks, predefined directions.. all this are criteria for any start of a destruction.. you might feel not a whit of ache, where synchronistically a couple of creatures trail away.. and you'll never do.. coz u r a lucky one, born in a golden framed roof..

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